Our Indian Villages

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consider our country as a tree, then, cities are branches and villages are the root. Without roots tree can not grow. Cities may have all facilities but life is in cities going on mechanically on other hand life in villages holds more values of life Weakness.

1. The level of education in Indian villages is very low.

2. There are less number of job opportunities in villages.

3. As the whole word is technologically advance but Indian villages are still lacking in this area.

Our Indian villages can be our greatest strength if the rural markets and the kind of talent available there are capitalized in a proper way. Government should take steps in order to improve the condition of Indian villages because the development in Indian villages will change the face of India villages are the backbone of INDIA.

Apart from being a greatest contributor for GDP, it has the natural feeling of real culture blended with the aroma of simplicity, bounded with love and affection with one another and the social concern for the society. They are the real heroes our nation since agriculture is the major occupation of people living in our country. Let this strength always remain as the backbone to support this developing nation "INDIA Villages are definitely the strength because without the crop being grow there and more important without the people who grow it one's life is beyond the bounds of thought. Today we see fully developed villages with all the facilities. Be it the education, growth, awareness or any other thing they are equally competing with the city beings. A computer cannot produce rice. It is in the village where the crops are grown and our stomach gets filled. They are our chief elements for our survival as they provide with the things required for our sustenance. Villages are our strength. If we calculate more than 80% of population live in villages. And they are producing food grain for our nation. They contributed on GDP growth. Whole economic are based on villages.

If we talk about condition of village its very poor. They are not getting enough facilities which are provided by our government the reason behind it that most village are isolated, there is no road and transportation. That is biggest draw back of village are developing in any point of view whether its literacy, health, living standard.

So Villages are always our strength government need to focus and improvement on infrastructural of villages In villages, the child labour, child marriage is going on now also, there are no people to stop that kind or dirty pictures, this thing never happen in the city, if it happened there are lot of well wishers to rise sounds against the same. Indian villages are our strength because most important part of the Indian GDP is Depend on our Agriculture. It is impossible without village. Our village are play the Important role in supply food and RAW material for business.

Finally we can said that village are Backbone of India while its demand the some basic facilities Like.

1> Hospital.

2> Information technology.

3> Road.

4> Technology base agriculture.

5> industrial base Development.
Living in the city is better than living in the village.

Today's life has many difficulties and people are the victims, so they plan to make it easy as they can. One of these experiences is migrating from villages to cities. I think that living in the city is better than living in the village for many reasons. Here, I'm going to write about three reasons behind migration which are enormous facilitation of services, near our work and the amount of freedom gained.

The first reason for living in city is that it has more services than in a village such as hospitals, airport, commercial complexes, and big parks. These services attract people to live in city because they find anything they want. For example, in holiday people want to go out of their homes, so they can find a lot of places to visit, but...
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