Our Iceberg Is Melting

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  • Published : March 21, 2013
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CSC2114 E-Commerce Theory and Applications

Individual Assignment


Compare and contrast traditional markets with digital markets. Write a report.

(Work on the topic you are assigned with and elaborate on it. Write a report of the topic, which includes the following :)

1. Introduction (Define traditional markets, define digital markets) 2. Content (When is it used, why is it used, how is it used and etc.) 3. Advantages and Disadvantages (for each type of market) 4. Conclusion

You may include necessary sections which you deem useful.

• References should be cited properly.
• Penalty for late submission:
o 1 day late: minus 20%
o 2 days late: minus 50%
o 3 days late: minus 100%
• Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated


Your report should be between 5 - 6 pages long. Use Arial font size 12, with 2.0 spacing. Insert footer as your name and ID No. You are required to submit a hardcopy of this report. Include the coversheet (with proper signature) and marking scheme upon submitting.



Details to be completed by Student

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