Our Home and Racist Land

Topics: Race and Ethnicity, White people, Racism Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: March 23, 2012
Our Home and Racist Land-Pg.73
3. Do you think Canada is still a racist country? Why or why not? Explain using examples to support your opinion.

Being one of the most socially developed and multicultural countries in the world everyone probably sees Canada as a Utopian country. Unfortunately Canada isn’t as perfect as everyone thinks it is, and a major persisting issue is racism. Being a multicultural there are many minorities and this usually results in racism, isolation, and unequal treatment amongst everyone. Unfortunately, racism gets more serious and turns into hate crime and that is a federal offence. Racisms not only affects adults at work or on the streets but also affects children in schools and daycare centers as kids are treated differently based on their skin color. We can all imagine that racism has disappeared but in reality we know that it will never leave. Racism is defined as a belief that inherent differences among human race, does that mean that all of us have to be one race in order to eliminate racism in our society? Practically, it is impossible to get rid of racial prejudice.

Racism is common amongst the streets of Canada and especially Toronto as we are the most diverse city in Canada. Racism occurs everywhere from schools to workplaces. Even where I volunteer the guy who runs is racist, he is known for only hiring white people as his staff and Hispanic people to do the cleaning. Everywhere we turn we see racism. When a lady crosses the street and sees a person of African descent she will either take a different road or being to walk really fast. This is because we are all racist by habit now. We have been influenced by movies, TV shows, and the media. We are always bombarded by “20-year old black male wanted for robbery” or “32 year-old male black wanted for murder” in the media that everyone has come to a conclusion that all black people are criminals and that is wrong. To make matters worth parents will tell their kids not...
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