Our Gorgeous Muslimah!

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Our Gorgeous Muslimah!

Islam does not forbid its followers to appear more fashionable, but must follow the tenets set out in Islam. Nowadays, in Malaysia, we can see a lot of variations of scarf either on the fashions of the scarf itself or how they wear and fashion it to match with their modern attire. Each face has its own attractions. Well, it is up to each individual to highlight the beauty of God given face shape. There are some tips for Muslimah to appear attractive in stylish way for the right occasion such as casual, corporate and grand event.

Firstly, Muslimah still can appear attractive in casual outfit. Being attractive enables a person to command respect and attention wherever they go. It can be found in the way a person comports herself and is varied according to culture and society. According to Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English (2003), casual as the meaning of relaxed and not worried or seeming not to care about something, it caries suits the use of ‘Tudung Bawal’, ‘Tudung Ekin’ and ‘Selendang’. According to Sehmina (2007), Muslims believe that God created women with certain privileges when she covers herself on a higher level and men will look at her with respect. Actually, ‘Tudung Bawal’ is really a modern hijab worn by women of Muslim as an element of the efforts to adhere to the religions conditions regulated by Islam. ‘Tudung Bawal’ come from the flat scarf and it usually has some elements of embroidery at the edges of the scarf. This design is usually inspired by the flowers flourishing. While ‘Tudung Ekin’ at first, was not named Ekin and its original name was actually ‘Tudung Awning’. It has a very special design to the extent that when it is worn by someone, it will immediately transform the woman’s appearance into a beautiful and gorgeous woman. According to Shannon (2010), when it comes to a casual date, sometimes less is better in which you can keep it simple yet beautiful without maximum coverage. It is all about making...
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