Our Future Depends on Our Culture

Topics: Culture, Value, Niger State Pages: 2 (452 words) Published: April 19, 2013

Kulture Kreations is a Non-Governmental Organization that seeks to redeem the fallen state of our culture; with the ambition of rehabilitating our cultural identity.

With the dawn of political independences, came the realization that, Africans had, and still have other forms of autonomies, to recover. Chief among them is unarguably our cultural identity. Books have been written; conferences have been organized and lectures have been given around and about this seemingly urgent, burning issue…

But facts are stubborn, and in this case, they prove that nothing tangible has been done or even started.

In museums, galleries, or libraries, the space allocated to our culture is the smallest, not to say inexistent.

We have facts, actions speaking for our aspirations. For the last two years, 2011 and 2012, the children and youths of Bida, Minna, Cross River, have shown that they are the actual torch bearers of our culture.

We insist on being consistent; which is why we brought to our children, to any youth that is receptive, the opportunity to imbibe the tenets of our culture. If they eventually absorb our culture, we shall have a better Nigeria, because then they shall be better citizens.

Better citizens who understand that all Nigerians, all blacks are really one people, irrespective of ethnic or religious diversity.


The terrible state of neglect in which that culture is, only forces us at Kulture Kreations to undertake such a gigantic, titanic task. The task is to instill, in the young minds of our children, a new scale of values, in which our culture comes first; because in our culture, we find virtues like integrity, self-esteem, selflessness… These children, if well imbued in these values, will be better Nigerians, in a better Nigeria.

ALL-LAGOS-SCHOOLS CULTURAL COMPETITIONS is an off-shoot of the ALL-NIGER-SCHOOLS CULTURAL COMPETITIONS. It will involve schools from various public and private schools from all over...
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