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Topics: Grammatical number, Password, User Pages: 5 (746 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Prompt the user to input a username and password. Password must be invisible or may not be seen by anyone. If the username and password matched in the specified username and password of the program the user will proceeds otherwise ask to try again. Ex1.

Username : saicy
Password : *****

Username / Password do not match!
Try again[Y/N]:y

Username : saicy
Password :

Press enter to proceed..

Welcome saicy to my program!
[Q] Sequential
[L] Selection
[I] Iteration
[A] Array
[F] Function
[E] Exit

Enter your choice: Q

Selection Programs
[M]Money Denomination
[G] Computer Grade
[C] Circle

Enter your choice: M

Money Denomination
Enter number of coins per value
10 pesos coin: 2
5 pesos coin : 4
1 peso coin :2
25 centavo coin:4

You have total of 12 coins amounting to Php. 43.00

Compute Grade Problem
Compute for the grade of student given the formula GRADE = 10% Assign + 20% Seat work + 30% Quiz + 40% Exam The grades inputted are in percentage having 75% as passing and 100% as the perfect score. Circle Problem

Input the Radius of a circle and output the AREA, CIRCUMFERENCE and DIAMETER

Selection Programs
[H] Horoscope
[D] Date
[C] Call Charges

Enter your choice: H

Horoscope problem
This program returns the corresponding Zodiac Sign of the user given the birth date of the user in mmddyyyy(01011990) format. After the user placed his birth date the program will output the zodiac sign and the birth date of the user (CAPRICORN – January 1, 2010). If the input of the user happens to be the current date, in short the current date is his/her birthday, greet the user a “Happy Birthday” and if the birthday of the user is still to come output the number of the remaining days.

Date Problem
It is known that January starts on a Sunday. Make a program that would input a DATE(1-31) and output the day of the week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday….Sunday) as well as which week (First, Second…Fifth) the day falls on. Furthermore, if the DATE entered is outside the range of 1-31, output ERROR to both requirements.

Call Charges Problem
The cost of a long distance call is based on the destination, the time of day the call was made, as well as the duration of the call. The rates are as follows:

Daytime calls:
1. American Region50 every 3 mins
2. Asian Region30 every 2 mins
3. African Region40 every 3 mins
4. European Region35 every 2 mins
Nightime calls:
1. American Region45 every 3 mins
2. Asian Region27 every 2 mins
3. African Region36 every 3 mins
4. European Region 30 every 2 mins
Make a program that would input Destination code (between 1 and 4), Time code (1 for day, 2 for night) and the duration of the call and output the total charges.

Iteration Programs
[S] Square

Enter your choice: T

Enter a number: 3
Enter a number: 3
Enter a number: 3

Enter the width : 3
Enter the length: 3
Error! You will create square
Enter the width: 4
Enter the length: 3

Array Programs
[B] Binary Converter
Enter your choice: w

Sentence Problem
Enter a sentence: Miss Neri is beautiful!

Total number of word: 4
Total number of character (including space): 23
Total number of vowel: 9
Total number of consonant: 10
Total number of symbol: 1

Binary Converter
Enter a binary number: 1111
Decimal; 15
Hexadecimal: F
Octal: 71

Function Programs
[F] Flames
[P] Plural
Enter your choice: F

Flames Problem
Write a program to ask the user to input the name of boy and name of girl. Count the number of common letters to their names and add them up. Determine the corresponding equivalent using the game FLAMES

Name of Boy: John Victor
Name of Girl : Vicenta Joy
Number of common letters boy: 8...
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