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Our Economy

By | March 2009
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Our Economy: The Lack of Effective Leadership

Benjamin Kratz
BAC 300-19
Cleary University
March 30, 2007

Scope of Analysis

Retrain or replace
Ineffective leadership, how will the crisis at the top be resolved? O’Connor (2008) says that we need to change before it is necessary, as the world around us always demands it. Moreover, she said, “Create internal mechanisms that force you to make changes long before you have to” (O’Connor, 2008). Leaders, trainers and others all agree that change or retraining if you will, must take place. Great leaders have a clear feeling for the pulse of their employees and their business. The mandate for economic development in today’s world is clear: new forms of leadership and new models and programs are essential to succeed in this competitive environment. Local, regional, state, and national economic development agencies will compete even more vigorously worldwide to offer the infrastructure, resources, and quality-of-life that employers need to support their employees and the markets they serve (Morfessis, 2007, p. 7).

The Source of Leadership website exists as a resource to assist businesses in the training and retraining of their leadership team. David M. Traversi (2007), who owns the website and is a well-known executive coach, came to the conclusion after reading 95% of traditional leadership books that regrettably such books are very disappointing.“What they tend to be, though, are checklists of character traits that an effective leader should have. In other words, they tell leaders to be everything from self-defined to inspiring to courageous (Traversi, 2007, p. 13-17).” Traversi (2007) also pointed out that these lists of tasks that great leaders should perform were written for another time.”But what is happening is that as our world continues to accelerate and increase in complexity, just knowing what we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to do as...

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