Our Country's Good

Topics: Social status, Thought, Plays Pages: 8 (3013 words) Published: April 6, 2013
Final reflection on ‘ Our Country’s Good’

For our last unit this year we were to discover and investigate how theater change us as both person and actors through reading “ Our Country’s Good”, analyzing the text looking for clues of how theater change people and how it’s presented and also through numerous activities and exercises. We went further to how the race and sex of people can affect its superiority towards the play and also through their daily lives. In other words, we were to examine “ how theater change the way people think and act.”

At the beginning of this unit, we first started to learn about how people act and show the character’s personality, behavior and attitude at once. Also on how people can act as real as they can by putting themselves in to the character’s shoes and doing certain things the character herself/himself would do in different situations. These activities helped us to become the character required and to portray its life of different status and situations. We learned this from using cards that was to represent the different social status and were to use these ranks to imitate their physical appearance, body language, and movement. Then we got in to groups and created a performance including 3 different social statuses from high to low demonstrating the levels of seating, body language, tone of voice and their level of confidence then discussing about how these people are respected or treated depending on how big their role is to the society or certain group and how these people are more superior than others. For my group, we chose to have one person as the McDonald owner, other person as the owner’s assistant and the last person as a person who came from China to get employed. As soon as the employer comes in, she started to “shrink” and look around for comfort to show how shy and small they are. The McDonald owner with her nose in the air does not speak and just sits there while the assistant does the talking then talks at the end saying, “ go back to China”. We thought this not only represented the level of social status but also how funny it was because what we performed was real and what is happening in our world today. This was to show how people are excluded from our society and how it affects their life including how ridiculously hard it is for people who are counted as “poor” to get a job or do anything.

Then we started to read and analyze the text and characteristics of the characters of“ Our Country’s Good”. Through the text, we picked out few scenes and got in groups of three and acted as a character from the text given from “ Our Country’s Good”. From analyzing the characteristics of the characters we were able to get to know them more and how they would react or act in certain situations including how they think. Therefore we created a “mind bubble” for each character and while their minds were “opened up” the rest of other people froze in a still image and then later came up one by one and said what the character is thinking at that certain scene. It demonstrated how different level of people think and what their true feelings are towards each other and also towards the play. We performed the scene of when some people wanted to have the play going while others didn’t linking it with the scene when certain people were against the idea of using women and aborigines while some other people thought it was a good idea to. It wasn’t a difficult task because we fully understood the text and the characters therefore we were able to know what they are thinking and their feelings towards the idea of the play. This is a very useful way to know the characters more because at times, people can be completely different on the outside than the inside. This seems to be a very effective task since there is a pause when we realize what the person really thinks and what they really want to say and do.

One of the most important scenes of the play, which was Act...
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