Our Campus Needs to Be Clean

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  • Published : March 12, 2012
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At the University of Detroit Mercy, we have a beautiful campus and it has an older look to it. All the insides if the buildings will eventually be renovated and more modern looking but the originality of the buildings will stay the same on the outside. They want our campus to look classy yet have a new learning environment feel to it, so that students will really be interested. With the size of the campus, you would think it’s be easy to keep it looking nice all the time, but like anywhere, you always have those people who just don’t want to try and keep things looking good.

Especially with staying in the dorms, you see the firsthand experience of people demonstrating laziness. Being on campus nearly all the time, you see a lot more than you do when you only have to be here a few hours a day. Personally, I believe there is way too much littering and un cleanliness on campus. People just don’t seem to care about it very much. It is a lot worse in the dorms; however, it is still bad in the campus region too. People will be walking around to a class or somewhere and you’ll see a wrapper hit the ground and they just walk away. I don’t find that acceptable at all. Especially with the dorms! The constant feeling of asking yourself questions as you go to your room is not a good way to live. Always wondering what people did in the areas you are in and whether or not you should be sitting there or holding on to something is quite disturbing. With those thoughts running through mine and I’m sure others people’s heads, I feel as if there should be more motivation to keep things clean and be respectful of the properties around us.

Feelings of everyone are obviously different. Not everyone feels like there is a lot of littering going on around them but I do. I am always reaching out to a better way that our environment can be and more things we can do to make it that way. Seeking out help from around is something that can always be done to get where you want to be. I...
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