Our Basic Values

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What are your basis values? Where did they come from? What facts back them up?
Everyone has Values, some have much more, others don’t have as much but at least everyone has values even if they consist of doing something bad. Values usually come from how you were raised up. If you lived in a family that where nothing but racist, you would mostly likely also grow up to be racist. This is not always true but most of the time it is. This is not the only thing that also inserts values into you. Values can also be detained from the area you live at, your friends, your school, and many other factors. This can be backed up by all the examples out there; I have a friend who lived in a country area who had racist parents and siblings. He turned out to be a country kid who was not quit racist but he still had a racist side to him. He was not fully racist because the school he went had many mixed people, blacks, Indians, Chinese, and many people from all other regions in the world. He is not the only example, I have another friend whose parents always told him to be respectful and always do the right thing. As this kid grew up he always helped everyone and never treated anyone bad. This example just shows us that his values came from his parent’s teachings and efforts, yet on the other hand I also heard about some child that had very mean parents and lived in a poor community where crime was a part of everyday life. This child became determined to be number one, he began trading his free time to books and doing more educational things. This child grew up to be engineer, everyone began to questions how did he gain these values, some say it’s because he lived in bad environment and wanted to get out of it, other say it must be values and traits from grandparents. The parents might just not be able to show as much love and respect because of their living conditions. I think its mixture of both he might not want to live in bad environment anymore because he sees how parents...
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