Our Appearance, the Way We Dress, Etc. Reflects Who We Are. It Is Therefore Important to Be Consistent in the Style We Adopt Throughout Our Lives.

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  • Published : March 2, 2013
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‘Our appearance, the way we dress, etc. reflects who we are. It is therefore important to be consistent in the style we adopt throughout our lives’.

There is no doubt that people have always wanted to look attractive and stylish. It is commonly thought that inviting appearance makes us look successful, favors popularity and improves our self-esteem. However, does the way we look makes us different people? It is also common fact that changing your style is not a simple action, but does being consistent in it is important? On the one hand, when we do not know someone, we subconsciously judge this person by how he or she looks like and it is normal. As a result of this trivial judgment we make ourselves an opinion. It seems to me that although sometimes it may be harmful, frequently this opinion is mostly true. Does it reflect who we are? If we accept that we are what other people think we are, yes it does. On the other hand it is said that you can not judge a book by looking at the cover. Wearing a suit will not turn a boy into a serious man and putting on a track suit will not turn you into an athlete. No matter what one would do with his outlook he has to remember about being himself. People also have to try develop their own style throughout life, which will make them unique and trustworthy. In sum there is nothing wrong in looking attractive although people have to remember that beliefs, emotions and feelings are what creates our personality, not any clothes or haircuts. It also seems to me that it is helpful and important to be consistent in the style we adopt throughout our live.
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