Ottoman Empire

Topics: Ottoman Empire, Ottoman Dynasty, Mehmed II Pages: 3 (1079 words) Published: December 6, 2007
The Formation of the Ottoman Empire

The formation of the Ottoman Empire started about the beginning of the fourteenth century. The first land controlled by the Ottoman Empire was the Anatolian peninsula. The Ottoman Empire would become on of the most successful states because of a variety of reasons including the fall of the Byzantium Empire, military tactic, and more to be addressed. This combination of reasons was required for the Ottoman Empire to become so powerful.

The beginning of the Ottoman Empire can be associated with the decline of the Byzantium Empire. Expanding new states led to a lost of power for the Byzantium empire (Quataert, 2005). In an attempt to remain powerful the Empire reinvented itself and remained in control of Anatolian provinces. Three major problems later arose for the Empire. First, the strategic location of the Empire led to conflicts with the Venetian and Genoese merchant states. Another problem was powerful states in the north, such as Bulgarian and Serbian kingdoms. The largest problem, which led to the formation of the Ottoman state, was the migration of Turkish nomads into the Middle East around the first millennium. The nomads had beliefs such as a fragmented state and leadership by overall agreement. The beliefs of these nomads would become the key to Ottoman Empire success (Quataert, 2005). As the empire grew, the flexibility of the empire led to more support. Issues such a religion were not a major factor since Ottoman Empire accepted different religious groups. Both Christians and Muslims saw the economic benefits of the empire. The Ottoman dynasty was Turkish is origin, though it emerged in a Christian and Muslim area. Ottomans gained support by gazis, which were warriors against Christians. Although, at the same time the empire was against Christians they were recruiting Christians into their military force. The Ottomans also fought against Turcoman leaders which further showed that the empire...
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