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Topics: Tobacco, Health, World Health Organization Pages: 5 (1858 words) Published: June 27, 2011
The Ottawa Charter is a global health promotion run by the world Health Organisation. It involves five action areas called developing personal skills, creating supportive environments, strengthening community action, reorienting health services and building healthy public policies. To combat lung cancer and other health risks the Australian government launched The National Tobacco 2011 Campaign to raise awareness of smoking through the five action areas to reduce the number of daily smokers by 2018.

Developing personal skills supports personal and social development through the use of information and resources, which educate health benefits to enhance life skills. In gaining theses skills individuals can make informed decisions to take control of their lives. In relation to the National tobacco Campaign 2011, this will involve raising awareness on the effects of smoking, encouraging individuals to quit therefore reducing their chances of developing ling cancer. Strategies employed by the campaign to address developing personal skills include media campaigns and quit tips. The current media campaign features television, radio, prints and online advertisements to address the issue of smoking and its relation to lung cancer and other health risks. The recent ‘cough’ TV advertisement shows an average Australian male. He is enjoying time with his mates, at work, spending time with the family however he is constantly coughing. Then the voice over states ‘every cigarette brings cancer closer.’ This short but powerful statement informs individuals that every cigarette they take is putting them at the risk of developing cancer. Thorough the tactic of showing an average Australian male it allows the public to relate to the situation, empowering them to change their habits or else you could end up leaving your loved ones behind. Another strategy is the use of quit tips. This website fact page illustrates new ways that individual can relax as many people smoke while bored or stressed. Some of these relaxation methods include breathing techniques, exercise or a change of routine such as chewing gum or having a stress ball in the car to utilize while stuck in traffic. These strategies are informative yet realistic ways in which individual can swap a smoking habit for a positive health choice instead. This physically helps individuals to make an informed choice to develop their individual skills. By adapting these new life skills through the promotion of stress relief methods individuals are encouraged to take control and empower their own lives. It educates that smoking doesn’t relieve stress yet it only causes stress with its relation to many health risks. Developing personal skills is an important sector of the Ottawa Charter as without it individuals wouldn’t be educated to see the underlying effects of smoking and its strong link to lung cancer.

Creating supportive environments focus’s on the environments in which people work, live and play. The aim is to ensure these environments reflect healthy living through the promotion of positive health choices. In relation to the National Tobacco Campaign 2011, this principle involves encouraging one another to quit smoking. This personal and community support takes into consideration the diverse needs of society in the need to fight against smoking. Strategies include providing fact sheets in a variety of languages and providing an online quit service. Australia is a very multicultural society and the campaign has taken this into consideration by creating print and radio advertisements in over 20 languages. This campaign has a goal to reduce the percentage of daily adult smokers by 2018. By providing health promotions in diverse languages, it opens this goal up to the wider Australian population encouraging equity and support. By breaking the language barrier the non-English speakers/readers will feel more supported and encouraged to quit smoking, therefore reducing their chances of...
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