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  • Published : June 7, 2012
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1) How would you describe OTIS handling a company in the early 1980s, reporting an elevator failure? * Otis’s business was the design, manufacture, installation and service of elevators and related products, including escalators and moving walkways. * George David, UTC’s chairman and CEO, noted the recent accomplishment of Otis Elevator... had really good, powerful results in the last 3 years, in the tough economic conditions. * Created a centralized customer service system to dispatch service mechanics. * Implement 24x 7 OTISLINE customer service center

* A centralized Otis service dispatch group of 160 people operating 24 hours a day, respond to a customer in less than a second.

2) How would you imagine and describe the implementation of OTISLINE in the 1980s? * OTISLINE customer service center improved visibility of the elevator service business performance to management, enabling it to provide more effective quality service to customer. * OTISLINE customer service center allowed Otis to produce excess call back for various levels of management, enabling it to provide more effective quality service

3 or more call backs in a month
Report to the district manager
Receiving 8 or more in 90 days were reported to the regional vice president
Reported to the president of the regional business
Reducing call backs and improving product reliability was expected improve customer satisfaction
Reducing maintenance contract cancellation
* Managers had the information they need to truly manage service business operation * Otis was able to restructure the company, eliminating several layers of management * Speeding communication between field mechanics, customers and company management * REM elevator monitoring that enabled microprocessor based elevator to monitor its control system and log performance statistics directly onto a distant computer

Elevator communicated problems to a computer at headquarters...
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