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Task A: “Otherness”

“The Other,” retrieved from one of the websites through the course study states that “The Other” is an individual who is perceived by the group as not belonging. It can take the form of a different race, nationality, religion, social class, or sexual orientation. It is summarized as “The Other” lacks essential traits that the group at large has. “The Other” may be doomed forever to remain separate.

Dr. Seuss gave a great example with his poem “The Sneetches” which summarized what “otherness” means, separating an individual to what they have or not have. The star-bellied sneetches had more and bigger stars so they ignored the plain-bellied sneetches, who had little or none.

Another great example is through the movie, In Time directed by Andrew Niccol. This movie portrayed “otherness” with having more or less time. The wealthy people have more time to live, while the poor are fighting for more time by working and trading for time. Again, it represents separating individuals with what they have or not have.

Task C: Literary Work: “The White House” by Claude McKay

In this poem, “otherness” is represented because division of an individual is evident. This poem symbolized politics and the nature of it. To get ahead in life, you need to be “somebody” to make changes occur. Otherwise the doors of the White House are shut in your face. Also, in order to be heard, you need to be a person with great knowledge, whereas, the author states in the poem that he needs to search for wisdom every hour indicating a separation between a person who is well rounded and educated to one that is not. Politicians will listen to one that “knows” what they are talking about verses to one that does not.

The author of this poem is portrayed as angry and upset about “The White House”, showing “otherness”. The author feels this way because he feels that politics is forgetting about the common, everyday person. The author...
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