Other Uses for Social Networking

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Topic: Social Networking
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Social networking sites, such as Facebook, can be utilized for many different reasons. Most people use them to reach out to past friends, stay connected with current friends, or meet new people who become friends. Though I use this site to connect to my family and friends, it has more become a major source of otherwise hard to find and scattered information for me.

Compared to many people on Facebook I have a small number of “friends” on my list. Twenty-five percent of which are family members with the rest being current friends, old school mates or past co-workers that became friends. There is not a single person on my page that I do not or did not have a connection with face to face beforehand. But having the site for social reasons is not my primary use of it. Before becoming a member on Facebook, if I wanted to learn about a subject that interested me it would take great effort to find the information I was looking for. At times it could take hours of researching through various search engines and many different websites to get the information I was seeking. I would find bits and pieces of data in many places that would then need to be strung together to get a cohesive picture of my findings. The issue of validating sources was also a time consuming chore that often would slow my progress in achieving my answers. There are many self-proclaimed professionals that upload things to the World Wide Web. Information on the internet can easily be labeled as a fact whether it is one or not. Therefore I would be taken off my path of learning to check the validity of the source. Another issue that would often arise would be the vague search results provided by the search engines. These programs would take pieces of the whole topic that I would enter and consider them relevant. Then I would need to begin the tedious task of sorting out the pages that pertained to my original search. Since becoming a...
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