Othello vs Iago

Topics: Othello, Character, Protagonist Pages: 1 (373 words) Published: April 4, 2012
Iago/Othello: The Main Character

The whole Iago verses Othello on who’s the main character of this tragedy has been going on for decades. Iago is a manipulative, revenge seeking, nefarious villain; although he seeks all this attention he is not of great importance in my opinion. Othello is the main character in Shakespeare’s play The Tragedy of Othello for a number of reasons some of them being; without him there would be no play everything revolves around him, the title of this play is his name, and the major role he plays in Venetian government as a trusted soldier and leader. Everything in this play revolves around Othello whether he likes it or not everything has to do with him, in every act Othello is involved either directly or indirectly. This play would not be the same or even exist if Othello wasn’t created, Iago wouldn’t have his jealousy towards his lust for Desdemona. Iago wouldn’t have this deep hatred that he has composed for Othello. Also he wouldn’t have this jealous soul on his tale; Iago the one who got passed up by Othello for lieutenant.(Shakespeare) Although Othello remained distant throughout the play he is always being talked about especially upon Iago’s lips.(Spark Notes) “Othello sometimes makes a point of presenting himself as an outsider, whether because he recognizes his exotic appeal or because he is self-conscious of and defensive about his difference from other Venetians.” (Spark Notes) This play is named after him…Othello so therefore that has to show some importance to his character. The whole play is about Othello being betrayed by Iago he says, “Thus do I ever make my fool my purse I hate the Moor, and it is thought abroad that 'twixt my sheets 'Has done my office.”(Shakespeare) Lastly he plays a major role in Venetian government as a trusted soldier and leader. He is very beneficial to the government and a loyal trusted soldier in the play he is trusted enough to be put in full control of Cyprus. Without Othello as a...
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