Othello: Theme Jealousy

Topics: Othello, Jealousy, Envy Pages: 4 (1518 words) Published: December 4, 2012
The Effect of Jealousy on the Othello Cast
Jealous is a reoccurring theme in history and today. Jealousy can be helpful because it can prompt people to achieve greater feats, like Microsoft’s competition with Apple. Microsoft’s jealousy of the Ipad sparked their creation of the new tablet computer. In the late fifteenth century, western Europeans were jealous of the literature and technological advances of the Arabs. These jealous feelings potentially initiated the commencement of the Renaissance. This revived interest in writing and literature brought in authors like Shakespeare to write about common themes and verisimilitudes of the everyday renaissance life. This theme of jealousy can be expressed in the drama Othello written by William Shakespeare. Through people’s emotions, perceptions of others, and actions, Shakespeare demonstrates how jealousy destroys humans. Emotions are easily effected, with internal and external factors. One little disturbance, and emotions are shifted, manipulated and changed. Jealousy can change people’s emotions, taking one’s heart, and replacing it full of vengeance. Jealousy takes an ordinary person and makes power-hungry for revenge monster. In Iago’s soliloquy, he shows the audience what drives his hatred of Othello. “For that I do suspect the lusty Moor/ Hath leaped into my seat. The thought whereof/ Doth, like a poisonous mineral, gnaw my inwards,/ And nothing can or shall content my soul/ Till I am evened with him, wife for wife;(2.1.292-296).” Iago is full of contempt. Rumour has it that Othello slept with Emilia, and using similes to refer to Othello as a poisonous mineral infesting Iago’s wife, almost leaves the audience feeling almost apologetic for Iago. Saying that Othello forced his way in between Iago and Emilia makes Othello look ruthless and evil. It makes Emilia look like an innocent victim who has been “infested by this poisonous mineral”. Iago also calls Othello “lusty” a term that means wants for sexual...
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