Othello Paper: the Effects of Jealousy

Topics: Othello, Iago, Love Pages: 3 (700 words) Published: January 24, 2011
Othello paper

The Green Monster

Jealousy is a common emotion that everyone shares at one point in life. At most times it is when a person is most vulnerable and insecure that he loses faith in the things he once felt so certain about. Othello, being of a different race, is a man who fights for all he has ever had in life including the marriage to the senator’s daughter Desdemona, who is not a suitable match for a man like him. In William Shakespeare’s tragedy Othello, Shakespeare cleverly demonstrates how a man with great honor and respect is driven to insanity by the big green monster of jealousy. Othello is a strong, confident, and trustworthy man who tragically falls from grace due to the idea of Desdemona’s infidelity to another man which ultimately drives him and his loved ones to their graves.

In the beginning, Othello shows he is a very intelligent and a well put together man who struggles his whole life to prove that he is better than the stereotype of a colored man. Triumphant in proving his worth, he is able to win over the woman he loves, Desdemona, making her his new wife. His devotion to Desdemona is relevant in depicting how much trust and love he feels for her. An instance of Othello’s affection towards his wife is as follows,

It gives me wonder great as my content/ To see you here before me. O my soul’s joy!.../ If it were now to die, /‘Twere now to be most happy, for I fear /My soul hath her soul so content so absolute/ That not another comfort like to this succeeds in unknown fate.(Shakespeare, Othello 2.1.199-200,205-209).

Othello’s words explain his overwhelming happiness for his new wife and that if he were to die tomorrow he would be perfectly content for he will never be as overjoyed as he is in that instant.

As the Play progresses Iago, Othello’s “trustworthy friend” schemes a plan that will ruin Othello’s trust for Desdemona hoping to break him and blind him from reality. However, when hearing Iago’s tale of...
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