Othello Essay

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  • Published : May 31, 2013
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If you deserved something and did not get it because someone else received it, what would you do to get it? Iago thinks that he deserves the lieutenant position but Othello names Cassio lieutenant. In the play Othello written by William Shakespeare Iago hates Othello because Othello names Cassio lieutenant. Iago wants to get back at him and will stop at nothing to ruin Othello, and Cassio’s lives. Now that Iago was not named lieutenant he is motivated to get his rightful position and take everyone out. Iago has a master plan that in his mind cannot fail. He is motivated to take his rightful place and will not stop until he gets it. “I’ll have our Michael Cassio on the hip, abuse him to the moor in the rank garb […] make the moor thank me, love me, and reward me for making him egregiously an ass”. Iago will make Cassio look terrible in front of Othello, so Othello will give Iago the lieutenant position. Iago feels confident that he can pull this off and Cassio getting fired is only one small step of his master plan. Iago hates Othello because Othello did not name Iago lieutenant. After he gets Cassio fired Iago is going to get Cassio to talk to Desdamona and convince Othello they are having an affair. “Plies Desdamona to repair his fortune, and she for him pleads strongly for the moor, I’ll pour pestilence into his ear;” Iago says he is going to make Desdamona plead for Othello’s forgiveness and Iago will pour lies into Othello’s ear. Iago wants to ruin the lives of everyone. He thinks that Othello slept with his wife and I wants to get back at him. “And nothing can or shall content my soul Till I am evened with him, wife for wife” Iago is saying that is thinks Othello slept with his wife and he will get even with him. The way Iago says that he wants to get back at Othello by sleeping with Desdamona, implying he likes Desdamona. Iago’s plan has to be executed perfectly for it to work. He seems to be able to trick everyone into believing him. They call him honest...
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