Othello, Cassio and Iago Are Soldiers, How Important Are Soldiery Values to the Confiding Tragedy?

Topics: Othello, Iago, Michael Cassio Pages: 3 (1155 words) Published: October 6, 2011
Othello, Cassio and Iago are soldiers, how important are soldiery values to the confiding tragedy? Amongst the play soldiery values deeply affect the personality traits and subsequent actions of the characters involved. Soldierly camaraderie plays a big part in affecting Othello’s irreversible loyalty towards Iago. This false trust makes Iago able to twist the truth and lie about Desdemona’s adultery with another soldier, Michael Cassio. Soldierly reputation also is an overriding theme in the story. It creates a sense of paranoia and insecurity for Iago to work on. It creates a weakness in the soldier characters of Cassio and Othello for another soldier, Iago to work on. Soldiers also naturally aren’t able to be in contact in the opposite sex as much as a civilian would do. This creates a sexual timidity which again Iago emphasises and highlights to lead to Othello’s downfall and making the play into a tragedy. In the play these soldierly values seem to be of a disadvantage to Cassio and Othello whom suffer for their values, whereas in the case of Iago, it seems to be an advantage, as he highlights them to bring about his plan to break down Othello’s ties with his wife Desdemona and Michael Cassio, his lieutenant. Naturally, as Othello is a leader in the army, he has a decisive personality and is able to come to decisions without the necessary “ocular proof”. The first picture of Othello that the spectator receives is of a man “horribly stuffed with epithets” of war. Othello’s quick decision-making is advantageous in battle however domestically it leads to his downfall. Iago comments in act 1 scene 1, that “for certes” Othello had “already” made his decision to appoint Cassio as lieutenant. Not only does this plant the basis for Iago’s jealousy contributing to the motive for the tragedy to begin but it also leads to domestic frailties which lead to the separation of Desdemona and Othello himself. Othello describes himself as being “little blessed with the soft...
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