Othello Assignment

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  • Published : June 28, 2012
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Othello Assignment
Othello is another of the great Shakespeare’s classics wrote in Elizabethan English. It is a five acts murder mystery tragedy, set up in the 1600’s that tells the story of Othello, The Moor of Venice. This story has all the classics Greek’s tragedy ingredients to make it an English Literature Classic. The story has a Great man, Othello, who seems to be a well-respected and a good person. Othello is married with Desdemona, without her father’s permission, in the beginning of the History. In this story we could say that the Fortune Wheel it is present in Othello’s life, we can see many ups and downs during the story. Finally we can see the end of Othello, who falls down from his Greatness.

In this we can also find other characters, Michael Cassio, a Lieutenant, how has an affair with Bianca, a prostitute. Iago, a jealous man who wants and desires Othello’s perdition. He is the villain of the story and it’s an evil and has a deceptive appearance, capable to cheat everyone being unstoppable until get what he wants. He is married with Emilia, who is the Desdemona’s maidservant.

The Act III location is in Cyprus and Othello is the man in charge there. In the both previos Acts, Iago shows his jealousy and hate to Cassio and Othello. He says he should have Cassio’s job, and in the Act II Iago tells us how he plants to get Cassio fired. He then tells us at the end of act II how he plans to destroy Othello. He will tell the lie that Desdemona is having an affair. In the Act III his plan works perfectly. All this hate to Othello from Iago begins with Othello’s marriage, like Iago says, the jealousy it’s “a green eyed monster”, who becomes bigger and bigger until destroys us completely.

Another theory would suppose that he is in love with Othello, doing all what he does in an effort to be closer to him. Because we know that the hate and love are feelings very similar, and if you

At the beginning Othello seems and is very sure about himself, his wife was always loyal to him and never had problems of any kind, he also was a great and strong fighter. Iago knows that he would never win Othello fighting with weapons, so he uses his words as weapons, having at the end the same result, Othello’s life destruction. Iago, with a well-structured plan and many lies and a little help of his wife he obtains everything he always wanted.

Racism is also a very important theme in these story, we know that Othello was a black man, and in that time that could significant a lot. Despite his prestigious because of the charge that he occupied in the society, Othello perceive himself as less confident, because of his skin color. We can refer it as an racial insecurity, who in a big way helped Iago to carry out his evil plan to destroy Othello.

In the Parker Adaptation of Othello (1995) the director made choices to help the viewer to see and understand Othello’s drama. The Protagonist, played by Laurence Fishburne, did a great work showing us, the audience, the mood changes that Othello suffered during the whole film, from the point that he was really self-confidence to the point that hesitated about everything in his life, even the love of Desdemona, his wife, who was extremely in love with him. I think that the Director chose the correct person to represent this role, he is an authentic black man. He is also big and tall, like it supposed that A general in the Venetian Army would be, he is a great fighter and it is a warrior. He is an actor who can demonstrate through his mannerism all the changes in his mood, e.g. in the fighting scenes when he is fighting in the Castle Inner yard against Iago, we can see clearly the size difference between Othello and Iago, he is bigger and stronger, obviously he defeated Iago, showing us that in that moment he was feeling magnificent, powerful and totally confidence about himself. In the next scene when Iago tells Othello sis suspicious about Cassio, we can see how the actor...
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