Othello and Oliver Comparison English Literature Exam

Topics: Charles Dickens, Othello, Iago Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: May 19, 2013
Revenge and betrayal go hand in hand as revenge can lead to betrayal and betrayal will always lead to revenge.Both shakespeare and dickens use motifs of betrayal and revengein othello and oliver twist respectively. Othello is a domesticated traged play about a black army general also known as a moor that lives in venice. he is very respected and is married to desdemona. iago is one of othellos most trusted lieutenents, but othello decides to promote someone else who is under qulified and less experienced than iago;cassio. in anger iago starts rumours and tells othello the only way to keep his status is to kill desdemona, othello then kills himself as he realises they were not true. Oliver twist is a critical novel of the social climate in those times. the story is about a boy who was born into an orphanage and then later moves to the workhouses, which in those days were horrific and feared by most of the public. oliver then runs off to london and is found by doger who works for a company of theives, and take him in. then an old gentel man takes oliver in with him, but feared for the saftey of the gang is then kidnapped by nancy. nancy then meets mr brownlow to tell him where he would find oliver, but a spy for fagin reported back miss heard information, and for his revenge fagin then tells bill who then goes and kills nancy for her betrayal

paragraph 1- othello
shakespeare strongly suggest the dangers of betrayal and revenge by showing how many people can get involved and the consequences of strong feelings. shakespeare builds up the motifs of betrayal and revenge in the play by using dramatic irony by letting the audience know that desdemona is innocent. shakespeare also uses a variety of figurative and metaphorical language during the tense scenes, for example, in ohellos last monologue towards desdemona he states that he must 'put out the light, and then put out the light'. 'the light' in this section is a symbol of desdemonas life and how he...
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