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  • Published : March 29, 2013
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The Many Faces Of Othello: Williams Shakespear’s “Othello” The novel “Othello”, is filled with love and betrayal all that lead to a tragic ending as Othello has to try to overcome his enemies. By the end of the story Othello transforms from a just man to a defeated man as he tries to come to terms with his wrongs he commits because of Desdemona’s alleged marital unfaithfulness. Othello is just. Before Othello learns of Desdemona’s alleged marital affair, he is portrayed as a just man, showing his willingness to comply with the law and reason. “OTHELLO: -Wither will you that, I go to answer this your charge?/BRABANTIO: To prison till fit time of law and course of direct session call the to answer./ What if I do obey? How may the Duke be therewith satisfied, whose messengers are here about my side upon some present business of the state, to bring me to him”(1.2. 101-114). This shows Othello is just because he calmly is reasoning with Brabantio why he should not be in trouble with the Duke. This also shows Othello as a just man because he willing to talk to the Duke even though the Duke and him have business going on. As well as Othello being calm and reasoning, he also follow the law no matter what the circumstance. “OTHELLO: I know, Iago, Thy honesty and love doth mince this matter, Making it light to Cassio. Cassio, I love thee, But nevermore be officer of mine”(2.3. 261-264). Cassio, Othello’s lieutenant gets drunk and starts a fight. This shows Othello just because he carries out the law when needed no matter what the circumstances are. This also shows Othello is just because Cassio is Othellos close friend, and even though he loves Cassio he does what’s right and carries out the law. Othello proves to be just because he not only follows the law, but because he is not afraid of it either. After Othello learns of Desdemona’s alleged affair, he evolves from just too cruel. Othello becomes cruel when he physically hurts Desdemona and puts her down to...
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