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  • Published : November 26, 2012
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William Shakespeare's play Othello, written in 1603, is set in Venice and follows the 'valiant' general Othello who is manipulated by Iago into his own downfall; being the murder of his wife then suicide. The play explores some of the deepest characteristics of human experience, including moral decay, emotional suffering and strong moral acts. This is driven by the themes of jealousy, appearance versus reality, and honour. These and other elements consolidate together presenting a play with an enduring and deep value, enabling it to remain through time as it can resonate with many. Good morning class. Act 3 scene 3 and act 5 scene 2 demonstrate these dark human characteristics that occur mainly to Othello; the tragic hero.  

Othello's morals quickly deteriorate soon after Iago plants a seed of jealousy in his mind, as he becomes so enraged with emotion that he can no longer make judgements of what is right and wrong. Othello, in act 3 scene 3 has the utmost respect for his wife: 'Excellent wretch! Perdition catch my soul but I do love thee; and when I love thee not, chaos is come again.' Othello protesting his undying love for Desdemona foreshadows chaos to come when he no longer loves her. Dramatic irony here illustrates the crucial part in the play where Iago's plans begin in motion. Othello's language and tone drastically changes from here to act 5 scene 2: 'Out, strumpet! Weep'st thou for him to my face?' Structurally, calling Desdemona a whore to her face then professing jealousy of Desdemona's apparent affections for Cassio in the same sentence, demonstrates the impact of jealousy on Othello's morals. Between these scenes, Othello has lost his respect for women, which, in both the Elizabethan period and now, highlights a lack in moral standards. The metaphor 'Green eyed monster' as Iago described of jealousy, is correct as it eats away Othello's morals. As the universal theme of jealousy here is a main reason for the character of Othello decline morally;...
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