Othello's Different Personas

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The Personalities of Othello
Othello is seen in the beginning of Shakespeare’s play as noble, strong, generous, and loyal. All of which make him appear benevolent and always in control throughout the play, which make for the appearance of “a great personality at peace with itself.” (Gerard 1). Although we know all too well that Othello carries flaws such as naivety and has had to “overcome no moral obstacles.”(Gerard 1) that ultimately allow him to be easily manipulated by Iago into a terrible jealous rage that lead to the collapse of his strength and pride. In the end he is still thought of, in his own mind, an “honorable murderer” (V, ii, 295) to justify this change in personality and mistakes made on his own. In Shakespeare’s play Othello, Othello demonstrates a virtuous and strong personality that becomes guilty and blind. Proof of this is seen in the beginning when you meet Othello and towards the middle and end, where Iago continuously sets him up.

Othello’s characteristic of assuming control on any situation attributes to his strong and noble personality. Throughout the first and second act, examples of Othello’s control are seen, such as when Cassio and Montano are fighting, Othello quickly jumps into action and assumes his duty as a general, defusing the situation without alerting the town of trouble, while giving the compelling threat “Now, by heaven, /My blood begins my safer guides to rule, /And passion, having my best judgement collied, /Assays to lead the way. If I once stir /Or do but lift this arm, best of you /Shall sink in my rebuke” (II, iii, 192-196). At first, Othello is seen as a successful general and husband, feeling his marriage is the best thing to happen in his life describing, “If it were now to die, /’Twere now to be most happy, for I fear /My soul hath her no content absolute, /That not another comfort, like to this /Succeed in unknown fate” (II, I, 190-194). Although this façade of his strong, noble personality soon falls as his...
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