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Otaku : Its Effect to Teenagers

Otaku is the people who obsessed with anime, manga and video games. These kinds of people usually are not being ignored by other people and are called ‘freak’ and ‘different’. Japan is famous in producing anime, manga and video games. For those who love watching these type of entertainments are called ‘otaku’ and this name was well-known around the world. Nowadays, many otaku are living among us although we did not even realize about it. Most of otaku are children, teenagers, and adults as well, but it giving more effects toward the teenagers. Being an otaku might come as a good effects, and also maybe not. Although all otaku are called ‘freak’ and ‘different’, they did not realize that actually being an otaku can give good effects and even can change them a lot in positively.

Firstly, being an otaku can affect the way they using the Internet. It made them use the Internet more properly. According to Kairu (2008), teenagers are not using the Internet anymore for chatting with random persons, Yahoo Messenger or anything unnecessary. Most of them are using the Internet to find anything related to anime, manga and video games. They also like to search and download anime episodes, anime songs, video games and read manga online. Other than that, teenagers made their own blog or a website about anime. They usually search information about upcoming anime, upcoming manga, and anything related in the Internet. So when they found the information they want, they will tell the others through their blog or website. Usually the famous websites or blogs gain more attention and the news will spread more widely.

Being an otaku makes the teenagers want to learn Japanese culture. Most anime talk about their culture in Japan and the teenagers got affected. They feel like to learn Japanese language and it is a way to attract people especially teenagers who are easily affected to learn more about Japanese culture. They might want to learn how...
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