Osto Hardware

Topics: Orthopedic surgery, Femur, Pelvis Pages: 2 (271 words) Published: March 17, 2013
Orthopedic Hardware
Roger Anderson External Fixator
(RAEF)| | For comminuted (reduce) fracture of the long bone| 2)
Delta Frame External Fixator| | For fracture of proximal/distal tibia| 3) Spanning External Fixator| | For fracture of the femur extended to tibia| 4)
Hoffman's External Fixator| | For pelvic affection (ex. hip dislocation)| 5)
Hybrid External Fixator| | For periarticular fracture of the ankle or knee joint| 6)
Compression Hip Screw Fixator| | For intertrochanteric fracture of the femur| 7)
Buttress Plate / T-plate| | For fracture of the proximal 3rd of tibia| 8)9)
Luque Rod For scoliosis
Bipolar Hip Prosthesis: 
Total Hip Replacement Arthroplasty For replacement of femoral head, neck and ACETABULUM. 11)
Austin Moore Hip Prosthesis:
Partial Hip Replacement Arthroplasty| | For replacement of femoral head and neck.| 13)
Intramedullary nail extractor
Spacer antibiotic| | For replacement of infected hip prosthesis| 15)
Hemovac| | For collection of drainage under negative pressure| 16)
Gigli saw| | For amputation|
Antibiotic beads| | For osteomyelitis (therapeutic effect); For plating IMN, and all types of internal and external fixators (prophylactic effect)| 18)
Cerclage Wire for Tension Band Wiring| | For fracture of patella| 19)
Total Knee Arthroplasty Prosthesis| | For fracture of patella With femoral and tibial component
Ex. osteoarthritis of knee|
Crutchfield Tong| | For upper dorsal cervical spine affection Inserted at parietal area|
Steinmann Pins| | For fracture of femur and hips for BST| 22)
Osteotome (Chisel)| | Used for obtaining bone chips for spinal fusion For scraping dead or necrotic bone
For iliac bone graft|
Ilizarov External Fixator| | For comminuted fracture
Bone lengthening
Both upper and lower extremities|...
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