Osmotic Regulation Virtual Laboratory

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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Name: ____Justine Basilone___

Osmotic Regulation Virtual Laboratory


Go to the following virtual laboratory:

Answer your questions in this word document, save the file and submit through Edmodo. Your answers should be at least 2 complete sentences if not more!

Part I: Observations & Data:
Read the Introductory information and the Procedure located in the window to the left of the screen and then perform the laboratory. For your convenience, the data table has been inserted below – fill this one in (the website tends to delete data):

|Molecules Name |Red Blood Cell: |Red Blood Cell: | | |Net Water Movement In / Out |Appearance of Cell | |Hypotonic Solution | |Blown up and fat | | |Moves in to red blood cell | | |Isotonic Solution | |Normal, did not appear different | | |Moves in and out of red blood cell | | |Hypertonic Solution | |Shriveled up | | |Moves out of red blood cell | | | |Elodea:...
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