Osmosis Tuber Experiment

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Biology 1208
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Date: March 22, 2012

Lab Section: 5

Lab Topic: Sucrose Effect on Potato Tuber Cells

Test question: How does sucrose concentration in a solution effect the osmotic concentration of potato tuber cells?

Null Hypothesis: The different sucrose concentration will not effect the mass of the potato slice; change measured by percent change in mass.

Alternative Hypothesis: As the sucrose concentration increases the percent change in mass will decrease.

Results: The overall trend of percent change of mass vs. sucrose concentration goes down in a negative slope. The results that relate to our hypothesis is the negative slope because it shows that the sucrose concentration (x-axis) increases while the percent change in mass (y-axis) decreases

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Results: The date correlates to how the percent change in mass decreases as the sucrose concentration increases. We accepted out alternative hypothesis. From the results, the null hypothesis was rejected because the sucrose concentration does affect the mass of the potato. The date collected in the experiment displays that the concentration of sucrose increases which causes the mass to decrease which in turn decreases the percent change in mass. The percent changes in mass and sucrose concentration have a negative correlation. The 0.0-0.2 concentrations are hypotonic because we saw a gain in the mass percent change. 0.3-0.5 concentrations are hypertonic because we saw a loss in percent mass change. The isotonic sucrose concentration is approximately 0.28. We accept our alternative hypothesis because the graph supports the percent change in mass decreases as the sucrose concentration increases. The hypertonic concentration levels (0-0.2) allow mass to...
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