Osmosis of Potatoes in Different Sucrose Solutions

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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Biology Hl lab report:

Topic: Osmosis of potatoes in different sucrose solutions.

The aim of this experiment is to test whether more water moves out of a potato when it is placed in a sweeter sucrose solution than a potato in a less sweet solution.

The hypothesis of the experiment is that we expect more water to move out of the potato placed in the sweet solution than the potato placed in a less sweet solution.

Independent variable: concentration of sucrose, concentrations: pure water H20, 0.1 M, 0.5M, 1M, 2M.

Dependent variable: weight of potato sticks, original weight 0.7 grams.

Controlled variables: the amount of liquid in the beakers and the same type of liquid, the time the potato sticks have been in the solution, the type of filter paper used, the same scale used, and the same beaker each 150 ml.

Materials used: forcebs, beaker, scale, filter, paper, potato sticks, sugar solutions, and water.

1. Take the forcebs and pick one potato stick out of the beaker 2. Dry the potato stick
3. Measure it with a scale
4. Report the data
5. Repeat this process 3 times in order to have 3 samples tested 6. Then repeat this process with the sweet potatoes.

Data initial weight was 1 gram average mass %decrease Sweet1| 0.84g| 0.91g| 0.89g| 0.88g| 12%|
normal| 0.94g| 0.91g| 0.87g| 0.91g| 9%|
Sweet2| 0.84g| 0.84g| 0.83g| 0.84g| 16%|
normal| 0.75g| 0.9g| 0.85g| 0.83g| 17%|
Sweet3| 0.76g| 0.79g| 0.76g| 0.77g| 23%|
normal| 0.58g| 0.53g| 0.53g| 0.55g| 45%|
Sweet4| 0.64g| 0.65g| 0.72g| 0.67g| 33%|
normal| 0.6g| 0.5g| 0.6g| 0.56g| 44%|
Sweet5| 0.52g| 0.51g| 0.52g| 0.52g| 48%|
normal| 0.55g| 0.51g| 0.52g| 0.53g| 47%|
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