Osmosis in Potatoes

Topics: Potato, Potato chip, Water Pages: 4 (1673 words) Published: October 31, 2011
Osmosis Coursework
How does the amount of sugar in a water solution affect the process of Osmosis in potatoes?

In this experiment, I will be looking to investigate the effect of varying concentration of a sugar solution on the amount of osmotic activity between the solution and a potato chip of a given size. The potato chips were cut to size, then added to a water based sugar solution, where the variable was the amount of sugar added. The potato chips were cut to size by a potato chip cutter, leaving them all roughly the same size, then further adaptations to the potatoes were made using a sharp knife in order to allow the potatoes to be re-sized to a more accurate size in comparison to the other potato chips.

To create a fair test, certain aspects of the experiment will have to be kept the same whilst one key variable is changed. I have chosen to vary the concentration of the sugar solution, which will give me a varied set of results from which I shall make a conclusion. These aspects of the test that I maintained and kept the same were; The amount of water that is used in which the sugar will be added to form the sugar solution as if the amount of water is changed, the general ratio of sugar to water (n+1 to 100ml of water) will be changed, giving different results to what it should be if the ratio was maintained on all experiments. To make sure that the amount of water used was the same for all the experiments that were carried out, I filled up a tube that was capable of filling up to just over 100ml, with 100ml, as there was accurate measurements leading up the side of it, making it simple and easy to read. I then added this water to the test beaker, meaning that 100ml was in the beaker each time. The initial mass of the potato was kept as close to the identical mass as was possible with the resources given, as any major differences in the mass of the potato chips would not give reliable results. I did this by first...
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