Osmosis in Potatoes

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  • Published : August 22, 2010
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Osmosis in Potatoes

Mr. Esquivel

Jun Junior Kuroiwa Ramirez

St Annes School

10 B



Osmosis  is the diffusion (or spreading) of water molecules across a semi-permeable membrane from a region of high concentration to a region of low concentration until a state of dynamic equilibrium is reached. Osmosis may occur when there is a partially permeable membrane, such as a cell membrane. When a cell is submerged in water, the water molecules pass through the cell membrane from an area of low solute concentration (outside the cell) to one of high solute concentration (inside the cell); this is called osmosis. The cell membrane is selectively permeable, so only necessary materials are let into the cell and wastes are left out. This Project of OSMOSIS IN POTATOES was not so interesting. In this Project we have used the following materials: Water, salt, cups, scale, potatoes and more elements but i dont remember. This Project consisted of cutting one potatoe into two slices, grab a cup and put wáter with salt in one and in the other one without salt. Then putt he potatoes in the cups. We waited 24 hours to see what will happen. And this were the results: Osmosis in Potatoes

Water + Salt + Potatoe In 24 Hs Difference in weight % of change in the weight 1. 100 ml ____+20,08 g 21,93 g +2,69 g +13,4 % 2. 100 ml+ 1 g+10,90 g 10,65 g - 0.25 g - 2.3 % 3. 100 ml+ 10 g+24,58 g 19,94 g -4.62 g -18.8 % 4. 100 ml+25 g+22,12 g 18,80 g -3.32 g 15.0%

These were the final results. How you see there is a great change in the potatoes. The difference of having salt and not is the when the potatoe is in the cup of wáter without salt the weight increse in change when the potatoe is in the cup of wáter with salt the potatoe loose weight. In conclusión i dont know...
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