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  • Published : October 28, 2011
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Table Nr 1. Color changes in IKI test for presence of starch and for presence of sugar in Benedict’s test

|Part 1 |Original content |Original color |Final color |Color after Benedict’s test | |Sausage casing |glucose and starch |clear |clear | | |Beaker |distiled water |transparent |transparent | | |Beaker + IKI |distilled water and IKI |light yellow |light yellow | | |Part 2 | | | | | |Cuvette C |distilled water |transparent |blue |blue | |Cuvette S |glucose and starch |clear |blue |yellow/ orange | |Cuvette B |distilled water and IKI | light yellow |blue |light yellow | |Cuvette SI |glucose, starch and IKI |yellow |purple | |

The solution inside the sausage casing containing glucose and starch was transparent (clear) in the beginning of the experiment. After 30 min of incubation time the solution inside sausage casing was still transparent (clear). In IKI test, the content of sausage casing has changed color from yellow to dark purple (cuvette SI), in Benedict’s test the solution from the sausage casing changed color form clear to blue after addition of Benedict’s reagent (cuvette S), after heating solution in water bath (60°C), the content of cuvette S has changed color to yellow/orange. The...
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