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Topics: Marketing, Massage, Strategic management Pages: 11 (2808 words) Published: November 15, 2007
Executive Summary

According to the Health Promotion Board, Singapore aims to create greater awareness among the citizens of the need to adopt a healthy lifestyle. To be in line with the National Healthy Lifestyle Programme, we have chosen to indirectly market the physiotherapy service tailored to office workers through the organization they work for.

This marketing plan aims to position a major new-product launch, while justifying its entry into the physiotherapy market. So far, not many companies have been successfully penetrated into this market. This has been attributed to the existence of unlicensed massage parlours which results in a budgeted pricing for each session. Secondly, the unlicensed massage parlours need not pay a hefty licensing fee to the Singapore Physiotherapy Association (SPA) and the employees are comfortable with rock bottom salaries.

PhysioScience‘s product offers a basic massage mix where a variety of massaging techniques could be stand out from its competitors. The product should portray a decent image while keeping a quality standard for its professional service. Prospects for this niche segment are favourable in target consumers' demand patterns concerning health, mobility and convenience. Given the recent amendment of the legal laws, PhysioScience should penetrate this segment quickly to uphold as the first-mover advantage.

Beyond the corporate distribution, PhysioScience could extend the distribution through complementary channels to the product offering and brand image. This includes the incoming Integrated Resorts and the Physiotherapeutic Clinics where consumers could use the service as a way to create a sense of peace in the consumers' minds or to heal injury.

Situation Analysis

The company expects to achieve the break even point within the first year of marketing efforts and sees a growth of revenue after the first year. It also strives to achieve the Excellent Service Award, the Singapore Quality Class and the ISO 9001:2000 based on the services offered. The key objectives of the marketing efforts are to promote a clean and decent image for the massage services while encouraging awareness of such professional services tailored right on the corporation doorsteps.

Marketing Environment

In the recent years, there has been an influx of China mothers who brought their kids into Singapore for further studies. Meanwhile, some of these mothers, also known as the "study mamas", took up massaging jobs on the pretext of accompanying their kids. As time goes by, more and more unlicensed massage parlours began sprouting up and a couple of these mothers engaged in indecent activities while taking the massaging jobs to earn more money.

Gradually, the massage parlours are so called branded as indecent activities based on such illicit influences in the society. As such, there is a strong change of socio-cultural forces within the local society. In order to stamp out such influences, the government has implemented the Massage Establishment Act. This implementation has caused a lot of unlicensed parlours to close while opening up a market of licensed budget massaging demands.

The recent decision to build two Integrated Resorts from the government has also created opportunities for the massaging demands. These demands have been acknowledged by our competitors and therefore more spa services have been increasing upon publicising on the government's decision.

Singapore has a strong spending power due to its position as a developed country and based on the CIA Fact book, the Singapore has a highly-developed and successful free-market economy. It is relatively corruption-free and has a per capita GDP equal to that of the four largest West European countries. Therefore with such economic forces, the corporations are willing to spend mainly to satisfy their hectic lifestyles.

Product Evaluation

The whole idea of the product is to provide massage services to...
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