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After data have been collected from respondent in the population, researcher will interpret the data using SPSS software. This chapter discussed the entire findings of the research and the implication of the result within the scope of the study. The results were analyzed and interpreted to present the truth of level of knowledge among Proton’s employee. Researcher use several technique in data analysis based on the research question and its hypotheses. 4.1 RELIABILITY TESTING

Reliability is testing for consistency and stability of the study. Cronbach’s Alpha is being used in this study to determine how well the items in a set are positively correlated to one another. According to Sekaran (2003), the closer the reliability coefficient gets to 1.0, the better. In general, reliabilities less than 0.60 are considered to be poor, those in the 0.70 range, acceptable, and those over 0.80 is good. The Cronbach’s Alpha for training is 0.739 which can be acceptable. Then, Cronbach’s Alpha for regulation accounted for 0.832 which is good reliability. The third reliability testing is environment which it Cronbach’s Alpha is 0.896 and can be categorized as good and have relatively high internal consistency. Table 4.1.1: Reliability Statistics (IV1)

Cronbach's Alpha| N of Items|
.739| 5|

Table 4.1.2: Reliability Statistics (IV2)
Cronbach's Alpha| N of Items|
.832| 6|

Table 4.1.3: Reliability Statistics (IV3)
Cronbach's Alpha| N of Items|
.896| 7|


Figure 4.2.1
Figure 4.2.1 shows the gender that involved in this study. For this study, the respondents consist of 90% male and only 10% female. This is because most of employees in Proton Tanjung Malim are male rather than female. Male are more suitable to do heavy and technical task compared to female.

Figure 4.2.2
The age groups consist of four group range from 20 years to 25 years (32%), between 26 years to 30 years (48%), between 31 years to 35 years (10%) and 36 years and above (10%). According to Figure 4.2.2, the highest respondent age is between 26 years to 30 years because they have worked with Proton at Shah Alam before the Tanjung Malim Plant has been established

Figure 4.2.3
According to Figure 4.2.3, there are 47% respondents who are single and another 53% are married.

Figure 4.2.4
Researcher divided year of services for Proton’s employee to four ranges. There are 53% respondents who have been working in Proton Tanjung Malim below than 5 years because they started to work once the Proton Tanjung Malim have been established in 2006. Besides that, 31% of respondent have been working from 6 to 10 years and 16% of respondents have been working from 11 to 15 years. They are longer in Proton services because they are part of employees from Proton Shah Alam who are willing to transfer to Proton Tanjung Malim when it is operated.

Figure 4.2.5
According to Figure 4.2.4, 53% of respondents rated Proton to have fair condition of safer workplace and 19% rated good for safer workplace. Besides that, 18% rated Proton to have very good workplace and 10% rated their workplace as excellent. The differences in their rate due to different perception on what they have received and what they undergo when working at Proton’s plant in Tanjung Malim.

In statistic, Pearson correlation is a common measure of the correlation between two variables X and Y. It is very widely used in the sciences as a measure of the strength of linear dependence between two variables.

| | Training| Regulation| Environment| Level of Knowledge| Training| Pearson Correlation| 1| .759(**)| .810(**)| .828(**)| | Sig. (2-tailed)| | .000| .000| .000|
| N| 100| 100| 100| 100|
Regulation| Pearson Correlation| .759(**)| 1| .887(**)| .863(**)| | Sig. (2-tailed)| .000| | .000| .000|
| N| 100| 100|...
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