Osce Scenarios

Topics: Human abdomen, Anxiety, Pulmonary embolism Pages: 4 (1351 words) Published: December 31, 2011
OSCE Scenarios

You are a 72 year old lady. This morning you were hanging your freshly laundered curtains, when you suddenly felt dizzy and you remember nothing after that, until your friend was calling your name. You have no idea how you ended up on the floor. You have had a few dizzy spells No SOB or chest pain. You have the odd “missing heart beat” not too troublesome. Otherwise you are fit and well. You were not incontinent during the attack.

You are a 42 year old professional trombone player. You are rehearsing for a tour abroad. Last night you seemed OK just a bit tired and possibly had a bit of a fever. This morning you woke up with severe left sided chest pain aggravated by deep breathing and coughing. You are very frightened because your sister had a pulmonary embolism after the birth of her baby. There is no sputum or haemoptysis. You had slight asthma as a child. You haven’t got much of a cough, but feel SOB and frightened to breathe deeply. Your general health is good and you’ve had no serious illnesses in the past.

You are a 35 year old man who came to A&E with pain when passing urine and discomfort for 3-4 days. You think that there was a little blood in your urine once. You are gay and not practice safe sex. (DO NOT VOLUNTEER THIS INFORMATION UNLESS YOU ARE ASKED.) You are not particularly bothered about HIV. Generally your attitude is rather cavalier and have had several sexual partners in the past.

You are the wife of an 82 year old man and you brought him into A&E because you are frightened and worried about him. For the last 3-4 days he’s been increasingly confused and today he started to get verbally abusive. He has never had psychiatric problems. This is most unlike his normal self. He feels a bit hot to you and his urine has been a bit smelly. He has mild, diet controlled diabetes and “some prostate problem” otherwise he has been remarkably healthy.

You are the father of a 3 year old girl. Your wife...
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