Oscar Wao

Topics: Love, English-language films, American films Pages: 2 (780 words) Published: December 12, 2012
Oscar’s Love Journey
Even though Oscar is always falling in love, violence is always involved. And if he does not try to do it himself someone else is trying to kill him. Love and violence go hand in hand with his relationships. Oscars first experience falling into love sets the tone for love being equated with hurt or pain. Oscar dumbs Olga “the following day on the playground with Maritza by his side and Olga pouring down in tears”. So Oscar stayed with Maritza his first love he loved most. When Oscar finally picks his first girlfriend and gets dumped immediately. Oscar had picked Maritza over Olga and got cheated on and dumped. Oscar was “too hurt to speak that he had sat down on the curb, felt overwhelmed and scared when he finally realized he was crying”. He was so hurt because he lost his first love. He meets his second love of his life but during their encounter together, it is violent in several ways. Before he leaves off to college and starts to fall in love with her he also finds out that Ana has a boyfriend that he did not know about. Ana and Oscar spend endless time together, but then Ana’s boyfriend Manny comes back from the army and Ana disappears on Oscar. When Manny comes back, that is when the violence comes in to play. Everything happened to Ana at once “Manny smacked her, kicked her, called her a fat twat, and cheated on her”. And his life is still going downhill from there because Ana hurt him and he thought that if he goes to college his life would differ but he still realizes that he is a loser. So he had tried talking to other women in college and it did not work out so Oscar had got really depressed and wanted to commit suicide and this was another time where he was hurt and he did this to himself because he wouldn’t take advice from other people to lose weight so he could be happy and become a man. Oscars culture supports violence in love. And Oscar is not the type of person to hurt a women and his Tio Rudolfo had told him that he needs...
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