Orwellian Reflections and Technocracy in the Modern Digital Age

Topics: Internet, Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell Pages: 9 (3431 words) Published: December 15, 2012
Orwellian Reflections and Technocracy in the Modern Digital Age by
Karen Kennedy
COMM 350 Fall 2012
Dr. Peggy O’Neill Jones
Karen Kennedy
COMM 350 Fall 2012
Dr. Peggy O’Neill Jones

Chapter 1 – Content curation#2
examples 1.1#2
perspectives 1.2#2
resources 1.3#3
Chapter 2 – self reflection of technocracy#4
Section 2.1 – technocracy and its altered states#4
Section 2.2 – course of action: digital media influences#5 Section 2.3 – conscientious objectors
Chapter 3 – original perspective & analysis#6
Section 3.1 – today’s digital media and its effects on our lives#7 Section 3.2 – george orwell 1984: tin-foiled hat-wearing quack#7 Section 3.3 – 2012: In and out of the matrix#8

content curation 1|ONE
1. World Conference on International Telecommunications Conference 2012 – This highly anticipated technology conference was first held in 1986 in Melbourne, Australia, at a time when the concept of the “internet” was a window of opportunity opening wide to the masses. This year, the conference is being held in Dubai, India; one of the world’s epicenters of emerging economies. 2. Facebook – This antithesis of “privacy” is currently the largest social networking community on Earth. Boasting a population of over 1 billion registered users (Huffington Post, 2012); Facebook has been the subject of crimes against users with regard to privacy practices. Facebook is at the center of the debate over privacy and its short and long term effects on the populous. Users seem oblivious of the privacy issues, willingly displaying private aspects of their lives over the internet, without restraint. 3. The August Forecast & Review – “Technocracy’s End Game: Global SmartGrid – The August Forecast Review is a site dedicated to educating the public on conspiracy FACT, not simply THEORY. The writers publish articles related to today’s issues that related directly to the economy, including politics, conspiracies, market analysis and world news. Subscriptions are free and issued via email to users who sign up. Perspectives

1. Infowars.com – A site dedicated to reporting news that concerns citizens living in today’s uncertain times. Alexander Jones is the leader of the group of patriots, living domestically and abroad, who want to bring an end to tyrannical leaders and practices globally. The tagline for the site is: “there’s a war on for your mind.” The Infowars team uses digital media devices and practices against the “globalists” who want to use the same technology to enslave the population. 2. George Orwell, 1984 – The book has been broken down chapter-by-chapter in electronic form that can be accessed online for free. This haunting tale talks about the life of Winston, a man enslaved within a dark society run by a tyrannical regime. Every aspect of life is controlled by media devices that monitor every movement of citizens. 3. Library and Archives Canada, Archived “Old Messengers, New Media: The Legacy of Innis and McLuhan” – Pioneers of communication and future effects on the world. Harold Innis and Marshall McLuhan were Canadian researchers, studying communications and its effects on users during that time and predicted future uses. Though their ideas weren’t widely accepted during their respective eras, they championed on to become two of the most noted figures in the communications field of study. Resources

1. IEEE – Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers – The tagline for this site is: “Advancing Technology for Humanity.” I’ve been affiliated with IEEE since working for the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Both organizations share the dynamic of advancing technology using collaborative efforts of the world’s largest digital electronic corporations in the world. IEEE is primarily geared toward software engineers, but has opened up to many professionals within the information...
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