Orwell Hegemony

Topics: Nineteen Eighty-Four, Totalitarianism, Sociology Pages: 8 (2181 words) Published: December 27, 2012
Research proposal



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Rudi Fitrianto



1. Title of the research

The Party Hegemony and Surveillance in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four

2. Field of the study

This research will put the emphasis on sociology of literature, because literature is highly related with human. Sociology of literature is a branch of study in literature that considered social aspects (damono, 1979:2). Sociology of literature included all sorts of approaches and each of them based on a certain attitude and views.

Since the freedom in bringing any matter of ideas into a work especially the novel, automatically literatures display varied aspects of live and society. In this relation, the author inclined to function as a philosopher or even as a scientist. Without any deep comprehension and understanding to the common knowledge of the universe then literary works become poor (kutha ratna, 2005:500). With such valued content of the work, literatures tend to function as a critic toward its social environment. As andre hardjana (1985:22) states that literatures also can arouse the consciousness and lighten the conscience. From this simple quotation it is known that literature could be an idea as means of communications between the author and listener. for further purpose, literature could be containing of many ideas that probably take an advantage to develop a certain social attitude even to arouse a certain social event (damono, 1979:2)..

The object of this research is book, "nineteen eighty-four" by george orwell. the author tries to give the view about dystopia with different kinds of repressive social control systems, and various forms of active and passive coercion.

3. Background of the study

Nineteen eighty-four is a dystopian novel and first published by secker and warburg in 1949. The book tells the story of winston smith and his degradation by the totalitarian state in which he lives. Along with aldous huxley's brave new world, nineteen eighty-four is among the most famous and cited works of dystopian fiction in literature. orwell's book has been translated into 62 languages and has left a profound impression upon the english language itself. Nineteen eighty- four, its terminology and its author have become well-known example when discussing privacy and state-security issues. The term orwellian has come to describe actions or organizations reminiscent of the totalitarian society depicted in the novel. orwell is recognized as a novelist with his specific genre that is closed to political scenes. The late arrival of novel on the literary scene tells us something important about the genre: above all else, a form of literature that looks at people in society.

Orwell via his novel told a story of his age. orwell was born radical, champion of the small people who was “pushed around” by bosses of all denominations, and savage indignation as well as his humanitarianism that also reflected in animal farm—his another work that made him well-known as international author. nineteen eighty four is a nightmare that pictures the totalitarian world in the future of england. the eternal dictator, big brother, concept of double- think in newspeak and the notion of mutability in the past become common furniture of our minds.

Newspeak is one of governmental hegemonies appears in the novel that continuously presents as a typical of any totalitarian regimes. newspeak is a fictional language in nineteen eighty-four which created by the government as the official language of oceania and has been devised to meet the ideological needs of ingsoc—a term in newskpeak for...
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