Orthodox House Warming

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>ir Ck Jdgn;
(At the time of the house warming service, a cross. Two candles lighted, and a bowl with water to be blessed and sprinkled, shall be placed on a table facing to the East of convenient place of the house. All others including the Celebrant, who is conducting the service, must stand behind it. Now it is time to start the house warming ceremony) >ir Ck Jdgn cau; Qgk SaCSaH Qgk dkgjCk; g!k d\jv& saqkdkfjgj uk; Qgk elYf\jH ilq[\j Ck Jdgjv&[ fxj)lrk= si=ik; djq)k emj lyluj >ir\jsRy ] ik; cOdgUak= Ìlr\k siu[)kd. CkYCo < rm\lrk= ekSgl|jfR KXs/sm th^ligk; Tfjrk ej#jhluj rjH)k d. TS/lX >irilq[i[ :glPr fkm*lrk= caualuj


KAUMA CELEBRANT: In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, one true God: ekSgl|jfRâ ejflijrk;, ekYfrk; egjCk yo|lu)k; oí¤Y¢ RESPONSE: Glory be to Him, and may His grace and mercy Be upon us for ever, Amen. YefjildU;â :pjakfH t#k; tS#u[)k; fs#, :+JR. CELEBRANT: Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty: By Whose glory, the heaven and the earth are filled; Hosanna in the highest. ekSgl|jfRâ fsÊ oí¤Y¢JxlH cI \jhk; >oajujhk; rjyu

s/Mjgjç# ~hilrlu sspi; f kglR egjCk R, egjCk R, egjCk R Kug*xjH oí¤Y¢. RESPONSE: Blessed is He who has come, and is to Come in the name of the Lord God. Glory be to him in the highest. YefjildU;â sspialu d\lijsÊ fjgkrla\jH i#irk; igkilrjgjç#irk; ilq[\s/Mirlæì, Kug*xj H oí¤Y¢. CELEBRANT: Holy art Thou, O God! ekSgl|jfRâ sspiSa rJ egjCk rlæì RESPONSE: Holy art Thou, Almighty! Holy art Thou, Immortal! Crucified (+) for us, have mercy on us (Thrice) YefjildU;â ~hilSr rJ egjCk rlæì agnajh^l\iSr rJ egjCk rlæì B*XçSi!j dkgjCjH fyís/M ajCj|l f kglSr B*Sxlmk dgkn svu&nSa CELEBRANT: Lord, have mercy upon us ekSgl|jfRâ d\lSi B*Sxlmk dgkn svu&nsa RESPONSE: Lord, be kind and have mercy, Lord, accept Thou our office, and our entreaties; Have mercy upon us. YefjildU;â d\lSi d{eSfl#j B*Sxlmk dgkn svu&nsa d\lSi B*xksm rac[)lgik; CkYCoir

Ck jdgn;

aoì aoìYeliCU;


Ck jdgn;

CELEBRANT: Glory be to Thee, O God! ekSgl|jfRâ sspiSa frjç oí¤Y¢

RESPONSE: Glory be to Thee, O Creator, Glory be to Thee, O Christ the King who dost pity sinners Thy servants, Barekmore. YefjildU;â YefjildU;â c{né¡©l frjç oí¤Y¢ elejdxlu LmjulSglmk dgkn svu&k# ajCj|l glwlSi frj)k oí¤Y¢, ~lsyd[SalG. CELEBRANT: (+)Our Father, who art in heaven ekSgl|jfRâ (+) cI Ìrlu B*xksm ejflSi RESPONSE: Hallowed by Thy name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our debts and sins, as we have forgiven our debtors. Lead us not into temptation; but deliver us from the evil one. For Thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen (+) YefjildU;â (+)fjgkrla; egjCk alds/Smnsa. fjgk glwU; iSgnsa. fjgkijné« cI \jshSelsh >oajujhk; : dnsa. B*X)liCUak= :|lg; Tì; B*X çfSgnsa. B*xksm dm)lSglmk B*X ajv& fkSelsh B*xksm dm*xk; Splir

Ck jdgn;

CELEBRANT: O Jesus Christ our Lord God, make Your concord and Your peace dwell in this house,and bless all that is in it. May its income and expenditures are be for the glory of Your Holy name, and for the protection of righteousness. Make it abound with all good things and with all blessings from You. Grant pleasantness of face to those who dwell in it. May they please You in all their acts, both secret and open, during all the days of their lives. Give repose and good memory to their departed ones, O our Lord and our God Jesus Christ, for ever – Amen. Moran Valohan..... ekSgl|jfRâ ekSgl|jfRâ SuCkajCj|l, B*xksm d\lSi, fjgk cal Plrik; Cl%juk; TO >ir\jH icj/jv&[ Tfjhk= igik svhikdX fjgkrla a|fI\jrk; rJfjuksm e gjelhr\jë; :ujgjçalylSdnsa. f#jH rjì = cdh r dxlhk; LrkYz|*xlhk; Tfjsr st CIgUs/mk\j TfjH icjç#i)k akDYec#f r HSdnsa. :ukir

Ck jdgn;

Vyrikalenne cholli ppurkazharuthe Hale.... Lajjippickaruthe thannasrithararum. Dhoshikal nanickum pazhappaniyil Hale.... Nadha! than pathakalanna Katteduka. Ariyickanamanna than chruvazhikal Jale .... Neril...
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