Orpheus and Euriice

Topics: Hades, Greek mythology, Orpheus Pages: 2 (419 words) Published: January 20, 2013
Orpheus and Eurydice (SCRIPT)
The Crowd: Everyone (except Orpheus)
Ferry man:

(Orpheus and Eurydice walk on)
(Orpheus is playing on his lyre)
Eurydice: Ahhhhhhh! (Screaming in pain after being bitten by a snake) Orpheus: (catches Eurydice as she falls)
Orpheus: “Eurydice what’s the matter?” (Dramatic)
Orpheus: “I must get Eurydice back! There is no life without.” The Crowd: “You can’t go to the Underworld just to go and fetch Eurydice!” (Orpheus walks to the river bank)
Orpheus: “Ferry-man, Ferry-man come and rows me over, for my wife has come to the Underworld too early, and I must fetch her back home.” Ferry-man: “Young man, are you mad? No one but the Dead may cross this river and enter the Underworld! Even if I did row you over, you couldn’t get past Cerberus who guards the gate!” Orpheus: I must!

(Orpheus climbs onto the boat and the Ferryman rows away)
(Cerberus growls)
(Orpheus plays his music and Cerberus’s growl turns into a whimper) Pluto: “What’s that noise wife?”
Persephone: “It must be Orpheus the great musician! Oh if he is dead and his spirit is ours to keep we shall have better music here than on Earth!” Pluto: “Never! Music is forbidden here!” (Pluto jumps up and angrily) “You will be sorry you dared to sneak down here, young man!” (Orpheus sings of his love)

(Pluto sad, crying)
Pluto: “Every time someone dies there are people who want them alive again! I will give you your Eurydice if you can go back to the real world without looking back for a glimpse at her!” Orpheus: “Ok!” (Believingly)

(Orpheus and Eurydice climb back)
Orpheus: “Not long now!” (Eurydice ignores him)
(Orpheus looks behind and Eurydice falls back)
Eurydice: Orpheus why? Why did you?
Crowd: “Orpheus play us something jolly can’t you?”
(Orpheus plays sadly)
Crowd: “Something jolly we said!”
(Crowd kills Orpheus)
Orpheus: “Now I will go down to my Eurydice!”...
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