Orms Distribution Methods

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Distribution structure

Orms distribution strategy is based upon the theory of a selective distribution channel. The type of products which they stock and sell is camera equipment and camera related services. They have two man distribution retail stores around Cape Town where they sell most of their items through. This makes there distribution strategy very selective due to their business focus around just selling camera related items at only a small number of stores. They stock most of the big name brands within this industry from Adobe, Cannon, Epson, Energizer, Kodak, Lexar, LG, Nikon, Olympus, Sony, etc. There brand equity is very high due to the fact that most of the brands they sell are very well known and respected within the industry.

The direct online distribution channel

Orms other distribution channel used in order to sell their products is the Internet and the World Wide Web. This makes a simple, user friendly, easily accessible online store for users all around South Africa. Products would be purchased online via the Orms website and then delivered to your doorstep through RAM Hand to hand couriers. This makes the distribution process simple and cost effective. Orms use RAM as their outsourced form of delivery and this is due to the fact that RAM is highly respected and reliable when it comes to handling products from retailer to consumer. The online store Adds so much versatility to the selling process due to the fact that large amounts of information can easily be stored and updated and that people only need an Internet connection is order to visit this online store. The web also allows you to reach the masses; this includes a market of over 676 million users at present, which is expected to rise to one billion in the next few years.

The international distribution channel

Orms distribution channel starts from the overseas franchiser which would include Kodak, Nikon, Sony, LG, Lexar, Energizer, Olympus, etc. (These are all big brands worldwide, which are based in countries such as China, USA and Germany). Local manufacturers would then take on the responsibility of manufacturing these brand products for the South African market. These locally manufactured products would then we transported to warehousing facilities where they would then be stored until ready for sale to the local distributers. Local distributors would then purchase their products from the local manufacturers at a wholesale price. The local distributers would then independently supply Orms with all their products. Orms would then purchase these finished products in bulk from the various distributors nationwide and transport them to their retail store where they would then be stocked and ready for purchase by the consumers.


Greg & Luke:
6. consider distribution options and logistics for the brand project Billboard prices
Availability etc.
Projector (positions)
Online - Social platforms
blog -> connect page
twitter - #ormsdirect #venue #time
how are people going to engage
Team up with Thunda.com or some other vibe
URL beneath the frame/s with the ORMS logo
best picture/ votes online gets the pic in a frame
People have to log online to upload/ vote etc.
what camera are you using - insight

Billboard Prices

Placement: The billboard we gonna be utilizing during this campaign is on kloof neck where the mavericks billboard is currently placed.
Size: The size of the billboard is 2,2 metres in height and 6 metres on width.
Type: The billboard is going to be a blank white canvas with a projector placed in front of it projecting the pictures send in by the Orms online interactive users.
Time: The billboard will be running between 7pm when the sun goes down until 5:30am just as the sun starts to rise. This will be because the projector will only be able to clearly project the pictures onto the white billboard once the sun...
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