Origins of Civil War

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May 13, 2013
Civil War Paper

Origins of the Civil War
The military conflict within the United States around the years 1861 until 1865 between the Union and the Confederacy went into history as the American Civil War. The origins of this conflict have and were foreseen and discussed by the two elite politicians Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. Both differed in ideology about what could have been the more successful political direction the nation should take. But nevertheless, the growing social, political and economic differences between the Union and the Confederacy made a conflict inevitable. The two, Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson are known as being Founding Father of the United States we know now because of their Revolutionary efforts against the British and formulating the Declaration of Independence. However, in the subsequently Washington administration where Jefferson was appointed as secretary of State and Hamilton as secretary of treasury, the two began to have opposing visions of the nation’s future. Jefferson believed that the success of America is based in their agrarian tradition. And Jefferson’s political allies supported him because they also believed that agriculture was the nation’s backbone. Whereas Hamilton wanted to rather move away from that idea and create an economic plan that encourages manufacturers, commerce and adopt a national banking system in order to maintain a public credit, enact trade barriers and tariffs to protect domestic interests, and also consolidate the State’s debts under the federal government. Opponents of that plan criticized him for moving away from the Classical Liberalist ideal of the Constitution and frown upon his idea of having a banking system similar to the once-hated British one that used to oppress the colonies not so long ago.

The real issue that also lays in these opposing views, though are rooted in the period closely right after the ratification of...
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