Original Cinderella vs. the Modern Cinderella

Topics: Fairy tale, Cinderella, Brothers Grimm Pages: 2 (807 words) Published: April 24, 2013

While growing up as a young girl to an adult, fairy tales have always been incredible. Fairy tales are astonishing, enjoyable and always brought forth-interesting concepts of love, hatred, jealousy and bravery. The key element of each fairytale was always a happy ending that caught the audience’s attention. The Grimm Brothers version of Cinderella was indeed, remarkable to read and watch. When fairytales were first introduced, the public appreciated the fairy tales for their happy endings and was enjoyed the most by young girls. The perception of Cinderella in the past pertained to a girl finding her “Mr. Right” and getting married and living happily ever after. Nowadays, people conceive Cinderella in numerous other ways. The two version of Cinderella, the original “Cinderella” by Grimm Brothers and the retelling of “A Cinderella Story” directed by Mark Rosman both express cultural and societal differences. The setting of the Grimm Brothers version was different from the new version of Cinderella called “A Cinderella Story.” In the original Cinderella story, the birds pecked the evil sister’s eyes out while they would walk out to the church to make them realize their horrible deeds they have done with Cinderella (Grimm). In contrast, the retelling of Cinderella did not have such thing to make the evil sister’s realize their mistake. In fact, they were just homeless because of the deeds they have done. In A Cinderella Story, the mother was more evil than the sisters and the sisters were not so clever. The step mother would use her smartness and make her daughters do as she says. The retelling of Cinderella is shown in a modern way where the princess forgot her iPod and then mimicked the original story by leaving the shoes behind. The setting for both the stories differs from each other. In the original story, the princess is cleaning like a maid and not in studies, whereas the new one portrays Cinderella as a college student who has to worry...
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