Origin of the Universe

Topics: Universe, God, Creation myth Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Jesse Brown

Origin Of The Universe

The Origin of the Universe: Creation vs. Coincidence Throughout the years, mankind has examined the universe for signs of its origin. For centuries, two possibilities have been the subject of much debate. Either the beginning of the universe just happened by coincidence, or an intelligent being is responsible for its creation. Scientists agree that in order for the universe to be coincidental, it would have to be infinite in age. During the early 1900’s, scientists have found evidence that disproves this theory of an infinite universe. More recent studies are beginning to reveal the organization or design of the universe. There is no physical evidence of the Creator Himself. However, there is evidence that points to the existence of God. In order to prove the existence of God, we must look at the evidence presented to us in the research of scientists who have studied the universe. Throughout the world, there are many people that conform to an atheistic view of the universe. Atheists believe that the beginning of the universe was mere coincidence. The Christian faith, however, teaches that he creation accounts are found in the first two chapters of the book of Genesis in the Bible. However, there is no evidence that supports this super universe theory. Many atheists believe that by chance, our universe was the product of a "super universe that creates other universes" Whether or not you believe in the existence of God, you must not jump to conclusions about the origin of the universe. What is extraordinary unlikely in 15 billion years, becomes probable in an infinitely old universe. Recently we have also learned that key parameters of our universe fall within small boundaries, making our existence possible. Since for every effect there is a cause, the discovery of the "beginning" pointed to a “Creator”. In light of this scientific evidence, we can now say that the universe is not infinite. There are many...
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