Origin of the Philippines

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It is believed that before the end of the Ice Age, about 70,000,000 years ago, our country was connected to the mainland of Asia by long strips of land. These strips of land served as land bridges. It was said that people in the mainland could travel by land to the Philippines without crossing the sea. After the Ice Age, high tide occurred. Large blocks of ice melted. It was during this high tide that the land bridges submerged in water. The Philippines was then separated from Asia. The similarity of the natural plants and animals in the mainland of Asia and that of the Philippines may prove that the Philippines were once a part of the mainland of Asia. There are several theories given by scientists as to the origin of the Filipinos. One of these theories explains that the Philippines was once inhabited by the Tabon men who resembled the Java men and who lived about 250,000 years ago. These people lived in caves and used stones as tools for gathering food. A famous American archaeologist, three waves of people came to the Philippines from the Asian peninsula. These were the Aetas, Indonesians and Malays. The Aetas

The Aetas or Negritoes were the first group of people who came to the Philippines through the land bridges. They were small, about four feet tall. They had dark skin, flat noses, thick lips and black kinky hair. They used bows and arrows as weapons. They used &yes and barks of trees for their clothing. The Aetas were a wandering people. They had no permanent home. Most of them lived in caves at the mountainsides. Sometimes, they made temporary shelter made of twigs and leaves of trees. They moved from one place to another to get food. They gathered fruits, root crops and edible plants around. The descendants of the Aetas can still be found in the mountains of Luzon, Mindanao, Panay, Mindoro and Palawan. They are sometimes called Ita, Baluga, Agta or Ati.  

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THEORIES ON THE ORIGIN OF THE PHILIPPINESThere are theories that support the origin of the Philippines: 1.Continental Drift Theory

*it supports the claim of Alfred Wegener (1912) that two (2) continents driftedsome 200 million years ago:Laurasia to the northern hemisphere and Gondwanaland to the southern hemisphere 
*the Philippines is believed to have been part of the continent Laurasia 
*according to Alfred Holmes (1944),
the two continents drifted as a result of  pressure caused by volcanic eruptions in the ridges and in the center of the Pacific Oceanand Atlantic Ocean  *The Philippines sits on a sub-plate of the Eurasian Plate now called PhilippinePlate

2.Pacific Theory

*it supports the claim of  Dr. Bailey Willis
that the Philippines was formed due toeruptions of volcanoes in the periphery of the Pacific Basin of the Pacific Ocean as far asthe eastern part of Asia continent *such eruption of underwater volcanoes is called volcanism *the eruptions of underwater volcanoes some 200 million years ago resulted in the piling up of extrusive or molten rocks causing the emergence of islands in the PacificOcean *the continuing process of volcanism formed the structural foundation of thePhilippines

3.Asiatic Theory

*according to this theory, the Philippines was not part of the continental shelf of Asia *it claims that two (2) processes of  diastrophism namely,upfolding And upthrustfaulting caused the rising (or emergence) and formation of the Philippine archipelago,and all mountains in the archipelago *this occurred during the Paleozoic Era some 200 million years ago 5. Land Bridges Theory

*the formation of glacier in many parts of the world resulted in ice sheets to cover a great portion of North America, Europe and Asia 
*according to this theory, all the islands in the Philippines were connected to eachother and that others were even connected to nearby countries in...
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