Origin of Sidhu

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Origin of Sidhu
Islam and most Sidhu jatts in India are Sikh
The ruling Sikh families of Patiala, Jind, Faridkot & Nabha in the Punjab, which after Independence, shortly came together as the Patiala and East Punjab States Union(PEPSU), were the famed Sidhu who traced their origin to the Bhatti/Bhati / Bhattis Rajputs. Khiva Rao sired Sidhu Rao in around 1250. Sidhu Rao's descendants merged with the Jat community. Sidhu is the founder of the Sidhu Clan. Sidhu was also married into a Gill Jat tribe. He sired six sons from this marriage: The heads of these families are said to have received baptism and initiation into the Khalsa fold from Guru Gobind Singh himself during his stay at Muktsar and areas in the vicinity. Sidhu was also married into a Gill Jat tribe. He sired six sons from this marriage: •Dahar's descendants are known as Bhaike of Kainthal and Jhumba. •Dhar's descendants are known as Pirkotias.

Roop's progeny are Rosse of the village of Tehna in Faridkot. •Suro's progeny are known as Meharmia.
Mano's descendants are settled in Malkana and Naurang villages and known as Manokes. •Bhura's descendants are known as Harikas and Brars.
Hari Rao was born in the family of Sita Rao, the elder son of Bhura. He was the founder of the Harkike Sidhu branch. Kaonke, Attari, Harike and Fattanke belong to this lineage. They are not of Brar lineage. •Jarth, the second son of Sita Rao, sired Brar who founded the Brar Clan. Thus, Sidhus have seven sub-clans:

[edit] The Brars
Brars unlike the Sidhus are almost entirely Sikh by faith. Brar was the fifth generation descendant of Sidhu[1]. He was a known marauder and warrior. He regained Bathinda after defeating the Bhattis. He also rebelled against the Delhi government. He made Bidowali in Bathinda as his stronghold. He died around 1415 BCE in Bidowal. Brar's family was then known as a strong warlike family that were overwhelmingly loyal, brave, fearless, and courageous. During Timur's raid on Northern India in 1398, the Brars robbed Timur in the area of Tohana in today's Haryana. After marauding, the Brars used to take shelter in the jungles of the area. The enraged Timur started deforestation on a large scale. Timur killed a large number of Brars and avenged his losses. Also, the Brars were once involved in a feud with the Bhullar, who did not like the Brars on their territory while Bhullars being one of the three original Jatts. Brar's are also mentioned in the zafarnama of Guru Gobind Singh, being a part of the first original seven Hindu tribes to first join the Khalsa Army and convert to the Sikh religion. The seven tribes were Brar(Jat), Dhillon(Jat), Sidhu(Jat), Sodhi(Khatri), Minhas,(Rajput), Matharu(Ramgharia), Parmar(Rajput). Brar had six sons but only Dull and Paur could attain fame. Brar had three brothers whose descendants also call themselves as Brars. The Harike Sidhus also claim to be Brars although they are not. Faridkotiye and Sangharke belong to the lineage of Dull while Phoolke, Mehrajke and Ghurajke are from the lineage of Paur. They are mostly settled in the Bahia area of Bathinda. Dull sired four sons named Ratan Pal, Lakhan Pal, Binay Pal and Sehan Pal. Ratan Pal's descendants are settled in the villages of Abloo, Daan Singh Wala, Kotli, Kili, Mehma Sarja and Kundal. Lakhan Pal’s descendants are called Deonke. Sehan Pal's progeny is settled Nagedi Sran and Fidde while Binay Pal’s in Matta, Doda, Kauni, Bhagsar and Jhutti Patti of Bathinda. Sanghar from the lineage of Binay Pal attained eminence. He had fourteen sons including Bhallan. Other Sub-clans formed, starting from the 16th century onwards, including Attariwalla[2] and other [edit] Sidhus and Brars during the lifetime of the Sikh Gurus [edit] Balhan

Akbar appointed Bhallan Brar as Chaudhry of his area. He died in 1543. Bidowali (or Bidowal) is the original village of the famed Sidhu-Brars. The sixth Sikh Guru, Guru Har Gobind,...
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