Origin of Mouthwash

Topics: Surgery, Antiseptic, Oral hygiene Pages: 3 (650 words) Published: February 16, 2011
General Purpose: To inform the audience about the origin of mouthwash. Specific Purpose:To elucidate to the audience the evolution of the practice of using mouth wash and the ingredients used to make it.

I. The debate on what to choose
a. Time frame and conflict with planned family outing b. The decision made – morning hygiene
II. Cave man analogy

I. Ancient societies use of mouthwash
A. Ancient Egyptians cave drawings [1500-1300 B.C.] (Shannon L. Pace, 2006) B. Many cultures incorporated mouthwash into religious ceremonies (Nuntus, 2002) C. Breathe Fresheners [1000 B.C.]

i. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans chew on eucalypti’s, peppermint, cinnamon, and vanilla bean (Moore) ii. 500 B.C. advancements
1. Chinese and previously mentioned societies chewed on charcoal powder (later with mint leaves added) 2. Greeks used donkey milk
iii. Other ingredients used include: rabbit & mice heads, lizard liver, and ground shells D. Introduction of “ammonia”
iv. Romans discovered cleaning properties of “hartshorn” (Moore) 3. Hartshorn: a derivative from antlers and hooves of the red deer. 4. When ground and added into cleaning solution, demonstrated many ammonia type characteristics v. This could have led to the most interesting and perhaps widely used ingredient – human urine 5. The Romans specifically liked Portuguese Urine (Nuntus, 2002) 6. Naturally high acidity of Portuguese urine thought to be stronger and could survive long trip to Rome and Italy (Moore)

II. Key evolutions to modern mouthwash (Moore)
E. Anthony van Leeuwenhoek
vi. Discovered bacteria in the 1670’s
vii. Tried different methods of controlling bacteria in the mouth without success F. English physician, Joseph Lister, M.D.
viii. Performed the first surgery in...
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