Origin of Cold War

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Origin of Cold War
[Jaepil Lee]
[Feb 13th, 2013]
[Scott Rutherford]

The Cold War distinguished from hot war not including the actual warfare had been global phenomenon after World War Second. The origin of Cold War after 1945 two most powerful countries, United States and Soviet Union advocating capitalism and communism essentially reveal the ideological conflicts and with military blockage disclose the positional welfare in a political, economic and military area. The origin of Cold War is still attractive issue on debates about which nations released more influential power of leading to the Cold War and whose responsible are heavily perceived among many scholarly historians. This paper strongly asserts that because the causes of Cold War are all different among historians due to different perspectives and their ways to approach it, there is no point of finding the correct answers.

The article of D. F. Fleming, Emeritus Professor of International Relations at Vanderbilt University, “The Cold War and its Origins” deserves the consideration of all who would concern themselves with the with the truths of the past fifty years, not as seen from America to Soviet Union, but as seen through an individual whose initial concern is fact. In this article, the author determined the root causes of the Cold War. The author describes the events of Russian Revolution that was started in 1917. However, according to Fleming’s study and research, the main cause of the cold war was America. After the end of the Second World War in 1945, the world was split into three segments. This included the communist bloc, an anticommunist bloc and a few states that assumed a neutral position. The subsequent twenty years witnessed persistent hostility and enmity between the different blocs. This characterized the ‘Cold War’. There were two major powers that spread across the world into Asia, Africa and Latin America. This dominated the international scene the...
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